IRDA FIle/Data transfer


is there a way to send/recive files from/to sdcard and old style phones/pdas (like palm, wince, sony ericson, etc.) over infrared?

would be really nice if i could put some games on my palm without searching for an old pc with windows 9x/XP and serial or irda port.


The used TSOP is for CIR (consumer infrared), and does not support the more complex IRDA communication.

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An add on board could be possible although I’d end up making it with something like a Raspberry PI or ESP. At that point why do you need the actual Flipper?

Previous discussion.

I remember that discussion now.

is it possible to emulate this IRDA with software or is the access to the infrared port not fast enough for that or something else is working against it (no low level/direct access). I know of a palm application that lets you control your TV and learn new codes by reciving what an actual remote sends when buttons are pressed there, so i assumed that that both technologies would be compatible (even if the palm remote signal was not as strong and or unidirectional as that of an actual remote)

What are the difference between CIR and IRDA?

ok, read the mentioned previous discussion to the end, sounds like the infrared port is to slow for irda, but i remember old black-white phones having also a slower irda as more modern sony ericsson ones. I remember that there where also things like infrared printers and souch which i imagine are much slower then transfering files from two devices

There is logic in the TSOP chop, that is interpreting the signal. The Flipper get timings for LED in/off.
IRDA is much more. It is not a timing issue.