My Flipper Just shut down after i ran mfkey32 and now it will not turn back on?

was messing around with the hotel mf reader and card and copied the reader. I went to go open mfkey32 and it just completely turned off the flipper device. I’ve held the power button for over 10 seconds, it will not turn on and there is no display. Anybody know what to do?

The hard reboot sequence is to press and hold left+back. See bottom of first part on First start - Flipper Zero - Documentation

When I do NFC stuff, some rare moments the Flipper crashes and can’t be charged for more than roundabout 50%.
I think your issue is similar, even if it is 0% the solution is to open the flipper, disconnect the battery for some seconds and replug. See also Battery stuck at 49%


My flipper crashed and was stuck in the on position and I thought the reboot thing wasn’t working but after reading your comment I realized I was pushing the wrong combo of buttons. Thank you.