New device & protocol - Crowd led and DMX

Got the device from

Couldn’t capture frequency, but guess it’s 433.92 MHz

Chip inside - CMT2210LC

Protocol - DMX-512.

Guess is not good … Flipper team will not do anything with your guess … You need to provide working raw files if you want for a protocol to be added …

@onlinedevel The receiver frequency of the CMT2210LC is indeed 433 MHz. But any idea what the other IC on the PCB is? For some reason there is no ID on it. I guess it is some sort of LED driver or demultiplexer to drive the LED´s? I am looking for a similiar ic right now any suggestions?

I’ve gotten my hands on a few of these and managed to capture some raw dumps that turn the devices on/off and can put them in a mode that allows the user to press the button to pick their own colors.

The filenames can be deceptive, as I think in some of them I captured both a start and a stop broadcast at once.

Hopefully this is a good place to post them. I’ve tried using the web analyser but couldn’t find a way to filter out the signal from the noise - if anyone has tips on how to study these dumps, please let me know!

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hello @fantasy @onlinedevel

I have 2-3 of these bracelets but I dont have any flipper but some arduinos and some 433MHz modules.

Were you able to find the message/data/packets that needs to be send in order to control the bracelets ?