Removal of Bank Card Features

Why have the bank card features, such as emulating EID and saving card numbers been removed? I understand that it was not meant to be a useful feature, but it was still cool.


Thank you for the answer. It makes sense, then.

Great tip about putting all the info into a text editor and storing it on the device like it’s a flash drive. Expanding on that idea, I can just manually enter all the information I would have normally used the device’s wireless capability to read.

Once in the text file format I will also look into transferring that data onto a piece of paper so I need not bring the device anywhere. If anyone’s got the details of this transfer process let me know, I’ve got a 20-pack of pieces of paper and I’m not sure if they are compatible with the number format.

tell me friend. where are you going to get the challenge response certificate info necessary to write it into the file

I did change my mind !!!

This :

Please do return the functions of emulating and saving bank card UID !!!

Several devices use the credit card/bank card UID to work like hotel safe/vaults. Check video. On attached video there is demonstrations of safe lock/unlock using a bank card + flipper emulating the bank card UID.

This feauture should return to flipper official firmware.



Sigh, just got my Flipper and was looking forward to using this, feel like ive been robbed


add it back yourself by modding the fw lol it’s not the hardest thing in the world.


Or use non-official firmware … or use outdated official firmware prior to the removal of the function …

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What firmware version are you using?

Not official one - latest version

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how would I go about doing that

Hi. how can you do that or at least can you share the firmware? thanks

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Omg, gutted, I feel robbed too. One of the main drivers for getting this was using the London TFL for my work travel. Was the code removed or a feature toggle?

All my excitement for this device has gone :frowning:

This seems to be the commit [FL-2874] Remove bank card uid emulation (#1823) · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware@01f7a3e · GitHub just need to figure out how to build and deploy it to my flipper.

Release 0.68.1 · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub seems to be the last release without this feature removed.

Just use non official firmware ?

it doesn’t let me install that version for some reason

i downgraded the firmware to 0.68.1 and it didnt work it still didnt read any type of credit card or debit card i even downgraded the firmware a couple of lower versions of it and did not read any card could it be something in the hardware that is not letting the flipper zero read the card?

go to this official flipper zero site: Flipper Zero Firmware Update
and download the flipper-z-f7-update-0.68.1.tgz file.
go to qflipper and connect you’re flipper and click on install from file. then locate that file you just downloaded. and you’re good to go.
(sidenote: the bank card feature doesn’t work)

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It’s actually not removed. You can still emulate the UID of EMV cards by using Extra Actions -> Read Specific Card Type -> Read NFC-A Data. It’s just less obvious but IMO it’s clearer this way since “emulating” a bank card doesn’t make sense anyway.

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I just got my flipper zero yesterday, had it shipped to my work. The NFC function right out of the box read my debit card and a credit card. I read, deleted, and read again several times as I showed it off at my office. I updated the firmware at lunch and didn’t use or think about it the rest of the day. When I got home, this function didn’t work any more, now the very debit card it read earlier in the day yesterday, says Unknown ISO tag. I Erased the flipper using qFlipper, but it is still behaving the same way. Will using a lower firmware do something that a full factory reset will not?