*TESLA* Hey does anyone want the files for opening tesla charging ports?

Tesla_charge_door_AM270.sub (10.7 KB)
Tesla_charge_door_AM650.sub (11.6 KB)

Both of these work but if one doesnt work try the other!

Add these to your flipper buy:

  1. open software

  2. go to sd card

3.go to subgz folder

  1. add both bin files

  2. enjoy hacking teslas!!


Thank You. Will try it out soon :slight_smile:

unfornatly those GHz doesn’t work in france :confused: Flipper tell me i’m not authorized to send with those frequency.
i’ll try to go to a french supercharger to copy the frequency and i’ll update in this post for the French (EU guess i’t’s the same) frequency :slight_smile:

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EU Teslas do use a different frequency, but with the same signal. You can edit the files in any text editor and set the frequency to 433920000, and it will work in europe.


thx alot


Or use already posted file here : Flipper/Sub-GHz/Vehicles/Tesla at main · UberGuidoZ/Flipper · GitHub


Files for EU zone

Tesla_charge_door_AM650.sub (11.6 KB)
Tesla_charge_door_AM270.sub (10.7 KB)


Is there a signal to remotely close them, or only to open them?

The Superchargers are sending this signal, so there is only a port open signal. The car closes the port after some time.

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hey guys i placed the two files on my sd in the sub , but when i save it as .sub on my flipper sd i cannot see the files, but if its saved as .sub.txt i can see the files but cant play them? anyone can help me with this ?


Hi. Did you download the 2 files from Jean-Ed, and then followed the steps cade said? Because by me it worked without any problem. If you did and it still doesn’t work I will try to find a solution for you.

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Does anyone have the Australian file?

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Many thanks!
I wrecked havock at the airport the other day, lol.
I am a child and simple things amuse me. :upside_down_face:


U can do it through app to go to f

File manager

Any folder

Subghz folder

Press on +

Press Import

Put both files and sync!

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Do these files work for the USA?

The very top 2 do… however, the charge port auto closes after about 2 minutes.

worked for me

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I’ve been around trying to open the charging ports for Tesla cars but they don’t seem to work are they all different around the world depending what country you are different sub frequencies??
If so does anybody have the sub frequency for Australia teslas charging ports update…

Use the europe version above

Hey where I find them on the flipper device after I put them in the subgz?