*TESLA* Hey does anyone want the files for opening tesla charging ports?

if you put the files into the asset folder you go into the browser section on ur flipper by being on the home screen and pressing down the find subghz folder open assets scroll down and should be there

Plz where is the location of sd card

Heeft u al een andere firmware op de flipper gezet? In Nederland blokkeert hij ook als de flipper standaart is. Maar met een andere firmware werkt het wel…

Why not go rent a tesla or use it on your own/a tesla you have permission for and save that as your own ? Sounds much easier and faster than getting on a chat asking strangers for stuff who could hack u

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seems like you can just go to the supercharger and copy the button signal there.

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I believe you’re correct. When you undock the handle it sends out the signal to the best of my knowledge. If anyone bothers you tell them you want to buy a Tesla. Most Tesla nerds will explain everything they know about it.

when i try to send it it says transmission blocked transmission on this frequency is restricted in your region how can i fix this?

So you own a Tesla. Start the frequency analyzer, open your charging port, and see what frequency is shown.
This is the correct frequency for your area. I don’t think Tesla will have a special license in any country for using a non-free frequence.

Tesla uses 315MHz which the Flipper isn’t approved for in some countries. There may be other frequencies I’m not aware of but perhaps they stuck with a single frequency everywhere for compatibility. It would be annoying if you drove to another country and couldn’t figure out how to open the charging port. :joy:

At least 443 is a thing, if you look at Flipper/Sub-GHz/Vehicles/Tesla at main · UberGuidoZ/Flipper · GitHub

As far as I know there is a difference between EU and US Tesla.
But I don’t know if I break a law if I use my charge port opener in US, with an EU Tesla or the other way around.

But I would appreciate, if funny Flipper users don’t regular open the charging port of my Tesla. Do you know what Tesla’s ‘Sentry Mode’ is?

It would be nice if people stopped picking on electric cars. One day ICE will be the minority. How will they like it when electric cars block their gas pumps? :astonished:

Here they actually work on 433, not sure if tesla’s are exported and migrated a lot where they still run on 315, but they seem to update with regional bands, the same files just editing the freq to 433.92 made them work here. Then again, the vehicle itself has a option to disable the rf open port feature, so if it still does not work, could be the owner/driver just disabled the option cause someone maybe tried this before?

Do not own a tesla myself but I think i heard someone say the supercharge port open feature can be disabled in the dash config so it might just be disabled .