Write to Blank NFC Card?

Now that we can generate different types of NFC cards, would it be possible to write to a blank card like we can in the RFID 125 KHz menu?


I second this. I was going to ask the same thing.

I’m new, and keen to learn. Is it possible to write to blank nfc cards?
I would like to clone my gym pass, which I had assumed was 125GHz, but Flipper recognised as Mifare Classic. I saved it, emulated it, and it worked perfectly with every reader in the gym, but now I’d like to clone it to a sticker, wristband etc


It is impossible to write to EMV NFC Bank cards due to them being read-only, however, writing to Mifare Classic cards (which, by the way, have nothing to do with Bank cards) is in progress and will be added to the firmware eventually.


What about a card like this?


For that you’ll need to have the encryption keys for the cards, which are non-extractable. Basically, cloning a chip-based bank card is impossible by design.

Our EMV reader only shows the freely accessible data on the card, but there is also a lot of data that you simply can’t extract from the card, which is needed for it to work.

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@Astra i think misunderstood. They are talking about writing the data to a blank card. Not a bank card :smiley: - would be great to see this in a coming version.


Is it possible to add writing to nfc tags feature?

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Yes, this is already in our backlog


Cool, it would be useful.
I have this feature on mobile phone, but it doesn’t read all keys :frowning:


I think that flipper team do see flipper more like a personal tool for you to have and carry and have all your credentials with yo to emulate cards rather than a commercial/writting tool for you to clone cards to others …

This would explain why you can read and emulate all sort of stuff but are limited in writting not only on NFC that you can’t write at all but also on RFID that you can only writte to few blanks and even 1-Wire that you can write onlu dallas.

hi @Astra! How i can find backlog? Only find this issue

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I think it’s “internal” list of things to do for the dev team … Don’t think the backlog is available to the public in general.

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Just updated. It stated ‘write mfc’ can’t seem to get it to work. Should this be what I’m been waiting for?

The option available with the new update is NOT to clone/copy a card to another, the option says “write to initial card” and it’s to be used to write the flipper dump to the initial card used to create the dump. Meaning you have card A, you READ with flipper and save it, then you use the card and some reader/writer do some changes to the card you can then use flipper and write to initial card to write the initial dump back to the card. Or you can UPDATE from card as well … It’s not intended to do a full copy/clone (including UID) of a card to a blank one …

I read that there is a mifare classic magic card support. Can’t seem to find it. How does this work, or am I still being inpatient. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to ‘clone’ my mifare classic charge card! Hack the planet!

This is an external app that writes UID of Mifare Classic 1k to RW NFC tags (Magic cards). It can format those tags/cards as well. Tested and it’s working but only supports 4 byte UID and doesn’t write the data/sectors of the card yet. Hopefully in a near future.

Any update on this yet?


great !
we really need to be able to write a saved nfc to a different card (not to the initial card only)

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Yes! Writing to cards would be great! Especially if we could write to Mifare Ultralight. That would be real nice. Especially for scenarios where you have an ultralight card, you read it, something changes it, and you want to write the original contents back.

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THIS tool is able to write the same card that I read with the Flipper after converting the dump to .mct and importing in the app.
So my question is why the flipper can only write to inital (blank) card???